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Keeping the 4th Wall* intact 

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The Pro Speaker Presentation Speech Timer App


 Benefits of This Timer

Gosh, there are so many different timers for so many different uses on sale, on every platform. But what makes this one different?

The Speaker Presentation Timer app:

  • Syncs directly to the Apple Watch App (iPhone version only)
  • Defines and stores different timings for different speeches
  • Gives you the ability to divide each speech into separate sections which help with:
    • Practicing individual stories and sections of your speech
    • Ensuring each section or story stays on time
    • Keeps you on track by highlighting the next section
  • Allows you to choose different alarm types for each section and the presentation as a whole
    • Visual (different colours) - helps with practicing and can be used on stage
    • Audio (choose from 3 different sound types) - helps keep you on track and on time during practice sessions 
    • Tactile (Phone and/or iWatch vibrates with each alarm) - Discretely notifies you when each section or story should be wrapping up.
  • Quickly determine where you fall off the tracks - so you can adjust your presentation on the fly
  • Gives you the ability to quickly adjust all your timing, with one function, to cater to shortened times (you know, when the planner comes to you, and says, "I know you were supposed to be on for 60 minutes - you have to cut it down to 30 minutes)
  • Has default 5 minute, 2 minute and 0 minute warnings that you can change, in addition to all the section timers.
  • Helps you maintain the 4th wall by providing discreet reminders of where you are in your speech.




The Concept of the 4th Wall

The 4th WallThe 4th WallThe 4th Wall refers to the imaginary wall between the person on the stage and the audience. In theatre parlance, actors, unless they are narrating to the audience, never break the 4th wall - it's a cardinal sin! While the audience can see through this imaginary wall the actors act as if they cannot.

During a show, actors might congregate at the front of the stage, looking above the audience's heads, and espouse the beauty they see in the sunset, or wonder whose coming down the drive way, or any number of imaginary scenarios that truly are not there.

But what does this have to do with Speakers?

The Speaker Presentation Timer was created to help break speakers of the habit of checking their watches, calling for the time, or actually commenting on how much time they have left for their presentation.

Why is this important?

When you are presenting, you are providing a service to your audience. You are serving their needs with information and (hopefully) entertainment. Staying in character is just as 

Get Pro Speaker Presentation Speaker Timer for iWatchGet Pro Speaker Presentation Speaker Timer for iWatch

important for the speaker as it is for an actor. In the case of your presentation, you are there for them!

However, the minute you check your watch, call out, "How am I doing for time?" or "How much time do I have left?" you not only tell your audience, "I'm doing my job right now!" you also look incredibly unprofessional.


The main timer screen for the Pro Speaker Presentation Speech TimerThe main timer screen for the Pro Speaker Presentation Speech Timer

There is a better way

The Pro Speaker Presentation Timer app can be configured so that the phone in your pocket, or the Apple watch (watch app not available for Android) on your wrist will subtly vibrate at certain points within your presentation, reminding you of where you are in your presentation, and where you need to be. 

If you're stuck behind a lectern, the screen has been designed to not flood your face with bright light, yet will change colour and offer visual prompts as to where you are in your speech, and how much time is left for each section.

 With the Pro Speaker Presentation Timer, you will never again have to do the audience the disservice of breaking the 4th wall. When you're on, You're ON!


 Save all Your Speeches

You don't have to start from scratch with each Speech. The Pro Speaker Presentation Timer, allows you to have multiple speech definitions in one app. 

At the main screen, users can add, new speeches, or swipe left on any speech to trash, copy or lock the speech. The locking feature ensures you don't accidently muck around with your perfect speech.

Touch the speech title to run or modify the speech.


Sections allow you to know when and where you are in your speechSections allow you to know when and where you are in your speech

The Right Section at the Right Time

The play button starts your timer. Game on!

The Section Timers are such a powerhouse for speakers to practice their presentations and to finally give their presentations without actually having to check the time.

Each section can be defined for audio, visual or tactile reminders. Breaking up your speech into sections allows you to practice your openings, your stories and your conclusions--key components to your professional presentations.

Define sections for each component of your presentation, or just the important parts - that's up to you. Default timers are in place automatically with each speech to give you a 5-minute, 2-minute and a times-up warning. Deactivate or activate at will.

Want to program and practice one component of your speech? No Problem

Design each section of your speech the way you want.Design each section of your speech the way you want.

Click the watch icon to sync to your iWatch, live and on the fly.

Design Your Own Flow

Drilling into the sections allows you to define your notification type (audio, visual, tactile, or a cool mix), allows you to define a duration for each of your sections, and the color of the notification. Then practice just that section by hitting the play button.

However you create, practice or deliver your speeches and presentations, the Pro Speaker Presentation Speech Timer adapts to your needs, your style, and your professionalism.